Liber 118 U.S. 394,
the hidden story of transnationals...


Staff at Liber 118 are qualified through combat training, under extreme duress, for specializations including: urban counterinsurgency, telepresence operations, performance art, postmodern discourse, machine learning, small arms tactics, ceremonial magick, covert renditions, and geospatial statistics.


  • Muḥammad Algaurizin
  • Lawrence Avery
  • Grigori Avilov
  • Jing-si Chan
  • Deepali Chandalia
  • George Green
  • Eric Gylling
  • Khwāja Hafez
  • Powell Laskin
  • Ana Martinez
  • Romualdo Mendieta
  • Paco Xander Nathan
  • Robert Pentreath
  • Barron Proxmire
  • Coyote Zuma-Shōjin

Extensive training and thorough preparation are quintessential in what we do. We know that in any given deployment, information operators will be called upon to establish dominant battlespace awareness and knowledge, and must leverage a variety of skills.